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Employee Payroll Deduction
Employee Payroll Deduction

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Making a gift to Geneseo is now easier than ever! Using payroll deduction, you can quickly and safely make a contribution using our secure online service.

As a member of the talented Geneseo faculty, staff, and greater campus community, your support is a measure of your commitment to your students, colleagues and our institution. Thank you for your generosity and support.

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Payment Options

To the State Comptroller: Pursuant to Section 201 of the State Finance Law, I hereby authorize you to deduct from each of my biweekly salary checks the deduction amount shown, for purposes of my contributing to a campus-related foundation, and to transmit such withholding amount to the designated provider. I understand that this authorization may be revoked at any time by written notice.

Where can I find my Employee ID Number?

On your paystub. Look for the area on your paystub identified as "NYS EMPLID" located next to the “Department ID” and under the “Pay Start Date/Pay End Date” section. You can find this online at New York State Payroll Online.


Open the calendar popup.

Your Gift Adds Up! 

Per Paycheck Contribution                Annual Gift*

$384.62 $10,000

$192.31       $5,000

$76.92                                                                         $2,000

$38.46                                                                         $1,000

$19.23                                                                          $500

$3.85                                                                            $100

$1.92                                                                              $50

$1.00                                                                              $26

*based on 26 pay periods

MacVittie Legacy Society

The MacVittie Legacy Society recognizes the generosity of individuals who have the foresight and thoughtfulness to make bequests and other estate gifts to Geneseo, which can include IRA rollover distributions, appreciated securities, and designating Geneseo as a beneficiary of a trust or retirement account.  The MacVittie Legacy Society is named for Dr. Robert W. MacVittie, who served as Geneseo's president from 1963-1979. As he provided the College with a cornerstone of leadership and vision, the MacVittie Legacy Society provides a financial cornerstone that will enable future generations to enrich their lives through a Geneseo education.

Learn more about the MacVittie Legacy Society


If you have any questions, please contact Ronna Gillam at or (585) 245-5518.

To submit your payroll deduction request, please click "Save and Continue" below. You will be redirected to the Alumni and Friends homepage and will receive an email confirmation shortly. Thank you for your generosity and support!